10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


     The Sussex Tea Room Rug Hookers have been active for 10 plus years.  It was founded by Clara Buchanan and Erin McKenna.


     The group offers seminars, open houses and hosts an annual Hook - In every November.  Every July we take part in the annual garden tour with a display of our work at the Kiwanis Nursing Home.  We also raise funds for various charitable causes.


       Kits are available for beginners.  The cost is voluntary contributions, but all members must join the Sussex and Area Senior Centre.


For more information call Bev Floyd at 433-4734.


BINGO at 1:30 PM


Members only


Door Book and Specials are $10.00


ALSO at 10:00 AM


Rummoli is a popular way of enjoyimg your

time at the Sussex and Area Senior Centre.

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Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to

4:00 PM


Closed at 3:30 PM

First and Third Wednesdays of

each month.

Silverados meet downstairs

at 9:30 AM.